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Western Australia salmon run

May 26, 2021 2 min read

Western Australia salmon run by Addict Tackle

Everywhere in Australia there are certain ‘seasons’ that get local anglers excited. In the South West coast of the country - a part of the world where the fishing calendar is dotted by these seasons - there is one of the most impressive migrations in the country.

The annual Australian salmon run, which is at its best during March and April, is motivation for some anglers to drive for hours to get to a place where large specimens upwards of 7kg can be taken from the safety of the beach!

Major population centres in the west such as Perth, Mandurah, Augusta, Albany and Esperance, as well as the many small towns in between, offer access to these hungry schools. Large dark patches can be spotted off the coast within casting distance, and these are actually tightly packed salmon schools. Usually, a cast in their direction will see a few break free of the pack, followed by spectacular strikes as they compete for the lure.

Gearing up for WA salmon doesn’t have to cost you a mint. Nomad Design’s range of Inshore Spin Rods and Ocean Legacy’s Specialist Spin Fishing Rods offer the ability to throw heavy lures a long way, fight large salmon, and stand up in a harsh saltwater environment and hopefully last you many seasons. Quality spin reels are also a must, with trusted models like the Daiwa Saltist, Shimano Stradic FL 500XG and Penn Slammer III perfect for salmon.

As far as lures go, anglers have a fair bit of freedom. Such hungry fish generally aren’t too fussy, and presentations such as the Nomad Design Riptide 125mm 25g, West Coast Poppers Floating Reef Stick 60g, IMS Anchovy Sinking Stickbait 130mm 50g, Halco Roosta Surface Popper 160mm and GT Ice Cream Needle Nose 3/4oz Stickbait all very accepted lures in the salmon world. Of course, soft plastics like Berkley Gulp!, divers, metal slugs and various live and dead baits will also get the job done as well!

So if you’re lucky enough to live on our beautiful west coast, be sure to make the most of the salmon run. It’s a phenomenon that most eastern states anglers can only dream of!

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