Run-off barramundi

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The run-off. It’s something most northern anglers fantacise about when they’re meant to be doing something else. It’s a time when other things such as the lawn and social commitments take a backseat to fishing, and plans are made to capitalise on some of the best fishing around.

Run-off refers to the period immediately following heavy rain, and in our northern estuaries, it’s a time when barramundi (and other species) take the opportunity to sit around areas where freshwater is flowing into the main system and gorge themselves on anything that gets swept in. Sometimes, it can be as simple as positioning yourself to one side of one of these areas, throwing your lure or bait into the medley and holding on! Other times though, you may need to put a bit of thought into your fishing, as pressure from other anglers could have made fish a little gun shy.

Something to remember is that barramundi are sight hunters, and respond well to lures that emit sound and project colour through dirty water - dirty water is usually a feature of run-off fishing.

While barra can become fixated on a particular bait species, run-off usually provides a smorgasbord of different snacks, and therefore having something that stands out above the rest rather than something that blends in is the trick.

Lures such as the Halco Laser Pro 120 DD, Halco Scorpion RMG Hard Body Lure, Lucky Craft Pointer 100XD, Rapala Ripstop Deep Lure and Storm Arashi Rattling Minnow 11cm Hard Body Lures are perfect for prospecting the in-flows during run-off time.

If these areas are being hit with a lot of angling pressure, the fish can move out a bit deeper. Luckily for you, there’s a huge range of lures that have this situation covered. Soft vibes have really become popular in the last few years, and have won many barramundi competitions! In bigger waterways such as the Mary, Fitzroy, Burdekin and Daly rivers, soft vibes such as the Jackall Transam Soft Vibes, Nomad Vertrex Max Vibe, Zerek Fish Trap and Berkley Shimma Fork are great for barra.

If you haven’t experienced a run-off barra bite, make sure you put it on your bucket list. Fishing in this way truly puts you in the barra’s natural element, and is an experience on its own.

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