Zman 3in Baby Goat Soft Plastics

Zman 3" BABY GOAT Soft Plastics

From buzzing topwater, to hopping deep structure, the Baby GOAT will get the bites!

Designed with versatility in mind the 3" Baby GOAT has the power to thump and vibrate at all retrieve speeds, thanks to the twin action tails that feature the same unique curved paddle tail design found on other proven ZMan plastics.

The GOAT's segmented, slightly flattened torso transitions to dual thin-skinned kicking legs, each finished with a pulsating, deeply cupped paddle. Soft and buoyant, the 10X Tough ElaZtech construction means more fish per lure and a natural 'claws up' stance when at rest on the bottom, attracting fish and triggering strikes.

Buzzing the surface, swimming the flats, twitching the drains or hopping deeper structure, the 3" Baby GOAT covers multiple presentations, while also being right at home as a ChatterBait, spinnerbait, buzzbait and skirted jig trailer.

  • Twin action tails incorporate the unique curved paddle tail design found on other popular ZMan lures.

  • Produces a thumping action at all retrieve speeds and even on the fall.

  • 10X Tough ElaZtech construction provides for extreme durability and buoyancy.

  • Extremely versatile size and profile that is ideal for use as a trailer, Ned Rig bait and more.


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