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How To's & Tips Videos

Looking to get into fishing? Looking for some Tips and Tricks or wondering "How to?". Either way, you've come to the right place! Our experienced staff will share their top tips and advice on how to be a successful fisherman.

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How To:

Tying a FG Knot

The #1 knot for tying leader onto braid - the FG knot is not as hard as you think!

Changing a Roller Bearing

Today Jase shows you the simple process of changing the roller bearing on a Spin Reel.


Jase runs us through what he believes to be the best lures to catch the much sought after Spanish Mackerel , and the best time of the year to target these pelagic fish.

Typing a Paternoster Rig

Bergie shows you how to tie the simple but effective Paternoster rig. A great way to fish the sinker on the bottom and keep the hook off the sea floor.

Fishing Soft Plastics

One of the most popular and effective ways to fish for many species, soft plastics are an engaging and exciting lure style that aren't hard to learn to use. In this video, Jase shows us a handy tip and some techniques that are sure to put you amongst the fish!

Using Vibe Lures

Hugely popular and just as effective - fishing with vibe style lures only requires some varied techniques, depending on the target species. Bergie walks us through these with a few handy tips thrown in :)

Yabby Pump Washer

Simple to some, not so for others. Jase shows us how to change the washer mechanism in a Yabby pump.

Tying a UNI Knot

Simple for some, not so for others but one of the strongest knots to use. The Uni Knot is a must know knot for tying hooks and swivels! Bergie runs you through the process.

Rigging Soft Plastics

If you're new to the game or just not sure if you're doing it right, rigging up your soft plastics correctly is the important first step towards landing those fish. Jase shows you the basics and, naturally, throws in some tips for good measure!


Handy advice and directions on spooling your reel with braid, and how to use backing if needed. πŸ€™


Best Lures for Mangrove Jack

Jase runs you through some of hsi tried and proven lures for catching Mangrove Jack.

Talking Reels & Budgets

Jase talks about high end vs mid range reels. Getting into fishing no matter your budget is as easy as asking us for help! Drop us a message or pop in and see the boys - if it's one thing we love to do; it's talk tackle and get you on the fish 🐠

Fishing Pylons

Bergie gives you the tips when fishing pylons; structure that fish love to gather around.

Life Jacket Check

Make it a common practice to give your life jackets a check over and make sure safety is your top priority on the water.

Knife Sharpening