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Abu Garcia 2 Way Duffle Tote Bag Waterproof

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Abu Garcia 2 Way Duffle Tote Bag Water Proof Charcoal

Abu Garcia Waterproof 2-way duffel tote bag that prevents water from entering by high-frequency crimping the seam of the main body storage part.

It can be used in various water activities as it is hard to get in even if it is splashed with water such as boat fishing and boats. We use waterproof fasteners that are more waterproof than regular fasteners, and we use a phosphorescent material that glows in the dark for the puller.

With a pocket on the back side that is convenient for storing smartphones, wallets, etc. With side belts and buckles, you can change from a tote type to a square type according to the luggage capacity and storage space. The front of the main unit has a free adjuster belt that allows you to temporarily hold thin clothing or a slim rod case.

*Please note that it is not completely waterproof. (Using waterproof material, water does not pass from the joint between the material and the body by crimping, but there is a case that water may enter inside the body due to the high water pressure on the joint of the fastener slider and the waterproof fastener. ) 


- Width: 40cm
- Depth: 25cm
- Height: 46cm
- Material: TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) lightweight film