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Atomic Hardz Shiner Deep Hard Body Lure 100mm

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Atomic Hardz Shiner Deep Hard Body Lure 100mm

The Shiner is a range of lures designed with a tight wobble and roll action. There are a variety of sizes in this style from 45mm through to 100mm. The larger sizes have been used effectively on barra and have a very deep diving depth, up to 4.5m for the 100mm version. The smallest of the range at 45mm is perfect for bream and bass in estuaries. It has a tight wobble and will compliment the other estuary lures already in the Atomic Hardz range.

The larger lures are designed to be cast and retrieved. The 45 and 60mm models are suspending, so pauses and subtle twitches near structure will work as well as a steady retrieve. The larger models, 75, 85 and 100mm are floating so work them with a steady retrieve amongst timber and pause to allow the lure to float over snags.

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Bream, whiting, bass, estuary perch, flathead, jewfish, barramundo, mangrove jack, mackerel

The Atomic Shiner is a wide group of lures ranging from 45mm up to 100mm. This gives them a wide range of targets and habitats. This is primarily a casting lure that is equally usable on the flats as well as around structure. Look for areas including flats, weed beds, timber, wharves and pylons.

• These lures will work with a steady wind exhibiting a tight wobble and roll action. They float, so will rise slowly when paused. This will give them a more erratic action. Try different retrieves until one works.
• Use a loop knot for the best action. It allows the lure to swim freely.
• The lures will float over timber and rocky bottom structure, so they are ideal in the larger sizes for fish holding on snags. The bib will hit the snag and the lure will swim over the top.

• You can also troll the Shiner. Flathead will readily take a trolled Shiner as will jewfish in the right location. We have even caught mackerel offshore when testing the swimming action.