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Black Magic KLT Hooks Economy Pack

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 Black Magic KLT Hooks Economy Pack

The KLT “super hook” is part of our premium hook range and comes with several important features.

  • light gauge / extreme strength
  • non-offset recurve
  • “Super Slip” Non-Stick coating
  • IGFA legal and NZSFC approved for tournament use
  • Made in Japan

Modelled off the original KL design – legendary since 1991 – this hook incorporates a non-offset point.  This brings them into line with IGFA recommendations, particularly around tournament use.  Over 90% of hook-ups are in the corner of the mouth, allowing easy catch and release.

“Super Slip” Non-Stick PTFE coating technology (commonly used on non-stick frypans) is used on each hook, enhancing penetration, greatly improving rust resistance and extending the life of the hook.