Bone Lure Focus 41g Swimbait

The Bone Focus is a versatile jointed bait designed for fishing expeditions, especially when trying out new water searching for fish. This is truly a lure which assists anglers to focus on the desired water depth when fishing in different terrains.

The first eyelet serves as a swim bait. During retrieval, the lure creates a seductive wide wobble and roll action mimicking a natural lifelike swimming action, Attaching your line to the second and third eyelet helps achieve different depth assisting anglers to reach a deeper water column.

Vibration mode can be imparted when attached to the fourth eyelet as it swims in a forward position as it rattles, to attract predatory fish from a distance. Additional weight can be attached to the bottom eyelet without affecting its action, allowing it to reach any depth in search of your trophy catch.


  • Length: 130mm
  • Weight: 40g

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