Gamakatsu Offset Shank Worm EWG Hooks

Gamakatsu Worm EWG Hooks
This outstanding original Gamakatsu hook design has many unique features – an extra wide gap for better hook-ups and fish retention, and offset eye for better securing of the bait, a keel-like shank for stabilizing the bait, and turned in hook point for less fouling. This hook is predominantly used in un-weighted baits.

The hook is ideal for any angler who would like to present their slender long soft plastics in a tantalizing way to a predator. Whether you rip the soft plastic or slowly twitch it, the hook will help it to dart about. A must for any angler who uses soft plastics!


  • Extra wide gap for better hook ups & fish retention
  • Offset eye for better securing of bait
  • A keel like shank for stabilising of the bait
  • Turned in hook for less fouling
  • Predominantly used in unweighted baits
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