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Lucky Craft G Splash Popper 80mm

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Lucky Craft G-Splash 80 Popper Lure

After several years of research and development, the G-Splash was born. It is popular among fishing enthusiasts and just as efficient as other Lucky Craft topwater lures such as the Sammy and the Gunfish. This topwater lure is designed to mimic shad whether they are fleeing from a bass or skipping across the top on their own. 

With its unique actions and characteristics, the G-Splash produces several efficient, fish-catching techniques. The cup of the lip gives the G-Splash the ability to throw water out in front while being fished really fast. This topwater plug is not intended to 'walk the dog' like other Lucky Craft topwaters such as the Sammy and the Gunfish. Rather it should be popped down, similar to a jerkbait action, but not as long. 

Create a pop, pop action while twitching the rod straight down so that it makes the water spray out in front of the bait. The extra large cup of the G-Splash makes an incredible splash that is able to call a monster fish up from deep water - keep up a constant twitch-and-pause action during the retrieve.

In Shore Game (ISG): available in 80mm, the G-Splash ISG combines the finesse of freshwater fishing with the powerful techniques of saltwater fishing. In particular, it makes delicate movements and presentations yet is manufactured with powerful hardware such as its Gamakatsu 4x strong hooks.