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Nomad Design Madmacs High Speed Trolling Lure - 200mm

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Nomad Design Madmacs High Speed Trolling Lure - 200mm

The MADMACS 200mm is a sinking super high speed trolling minnow capable of being trolled at speeds of up to 15kn when rigged correctly. Visit the Nomad Design Youtube Channel for details on rigging to achieve maximum speed. The Madmacs can also be trolled as slow as 5kn and has an amazing vibrating action even at very low speeds due to the Autotune system. The Madmacs Features the pat. Pending Autotune system which allows the Madmac to always troll straight and to run perfectly and with an amazing action at a huge range of speeds.  The ability to troll at all speeds makes this a must have lure in every spread. The Madmacs will run at a depth of around 8-15ft when trolled at slower speeds and around 3-4ft depth when trolled super fast.

Featuring a machine-stamped stainless steel plate & full body foam core construction, it is one of the toughest lures available, and is up to any challenge. Fitted with super strong BKK hooks and Heavy Duty split rings the Madmacs is ready for battle.

Designed and tested in Australia by the Nomad Design Team, drawing on decades of charter experience from the Nomad Sportfishing charter operation, each lure has been designed for a specific purpose, and has been balanced and tested to work perfectly with the chosen hooks.

  • Weight 315g
  • Length 200mm