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Pakula Paua Longshots Zipper Game Lure

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These lures are specifically designed to address a number of situations encountered by both novices and experts alike while maintaining the expected Pakula success rates.

The long profile provides great stability in all conditions. Due to their slim profile, a larger lure can be used on lighter line classes. Longshots work within a large range of effective trolling speeds from as slow as five and up to twelve knots. This low-end speed allows these lures to be successfully trolled alongside rigged dead baits. Due to the balance of these lures, they are excellent in the calmest of conditions plus still work great in the rough stuff.

The Zipper is our long corner and shotgun special, it will work well no matter how far back you place it. This versatile little lure is a favourite amongst fishos, especially in S.E. Queensland for little Black Marlin