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Rigged Handcasters 4in 8lb x 100m

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Complete with Hook Line & Sinker

  • Brand new
  • Strong Reinforced robust construction
  • Very sturdy / unbreakable plastic
  • Fully spooled with 15lb Surecatch Mono Fishing Line 100 metres
  • Complete with 1 hook and 1 sinker
  • PLEASE NOTE: Random colour hand line will be posted, line colour varies.

You've probably seen (or are) one of the hand line masters using these at the beach, boat or river mouth. With a bit of practice, you can really whip these out a good distance.

This is a great Hand Line for the kids!

Suitable for the professional or recreational fisherman!

Product Specifications

  • 1 x 4" Hand Line
  • Diameter: 4" / 100mm
  • Width: 2" / 50mm
  • 100m - 15lb Mono Fishing Line
  • Complete with 1 Hook & 1 Sinker
  • Colour: Various
  • You will be sent a random colour