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Seekbass Bobbin Knotter


The PR Knot is clearly the ideal fishing knot for connecting Braid to mono Leader. The jigging community swear by it and to look at a completed PR knot it is easy to see why. A well tied PR knot provides 100% strength yet is slim and smooth ensuring it passes through guides without any catching or impact. This is important for your guides. The impact of a bulky knot will do damage to your fishing rod guides. Damaged guides can be an expensive repair and may put your rod out of action for a little while.

Busted guides aside, a poorly tied knot can result in losing a lure and far worse than this, losing a prize catch. No angler like to see a potential record come along side ready for tagging only to see it break off because of a poorly tied knot.

The Seekbass PR Bobbin is a fantastic piece of kit that is ergonomically designed to help you tie better PR knots. Yes, the PR knot is a reasonably complex affair that requires a good set of tools to do well. Sharp scissors, a wind resistant lighter and, of course, a well-designed PR Bobbin. The PR Bobbin is outstanding. Maintaining tension on your line, a critical part of the operation, has never been easier than with the Seekbass model.


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