Shimano Exage Mono

When it comes to picking a fishing line we all want a mix between affordability and supreme quality. Shimano Exage fishing line fits right in this bracket. It is an amazing quality monofilament line which is manufactured in Japan offering a perfect harmony between clarity and sensitivity.

The feel is ultra-soft and being a monofilament with low memory when it spools onto your fishing reel it lays in a neater fashion, which is a big plus especially for those who own spinning reels. Exage mono boats a thin diameter which is ideal for fitting more line onto your spool as well as offering better casting properties. Whist Exage is thin it is also built tough. It’s a strong mono for its class and being durable it offers better resistance against abrasion. Clear in colour makes this line an ideal choice especially when fishing situations where the fish are a little shy and where high visibility monofilament lines may not be the ideal choice.

Shimano Exage Fishing line is available in a string of sizes from 6lb right through to 40lb and is ideal for freshwater fishing as well as saltwater fishing styles. All you need to do is pick which size best suits your fishing style then add that size you wish to purchase to your cart.  The size of the spool is a handy 300 metres so it will fill a wide range of fishing reels on the market.


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