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Shogun S449 Black Rolling Swivels - 12 pack

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Shogun S449 Rolling Swivels 12 pack

Introducing the Shogun S449 Black Rolling Swivels - a must-have for any fishing enthusiast. These swivels are crafted with top-notch quality and durability, ensuring that they can withstand the toughest of fishing conditions. With excellent rotational capacity, these swivels help prevent line twists, making your fishing experience hassle-free. Coated with a sleek matte black finish, these swivels won't scare off your target and also protect them from any unwanted attention underwater. Each pack contains 12 high-performance swivels, giving you all the gear you need to tackle any fishing challenge. Upgrade your fishing arsenal with the Shogun S449 Black Rolling Swivels today!

Quantity: 12 Per Pack

  • Reduces line twists
  • Superior quality