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Shogun S446 Black 3 Way Crane Swivels - 10 Pack

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Shogun S446 Black 3 Way Crane Swivels

The Shogun S446 Black 3 Way Crane Swivels are a top-quality product from one of the most trusted brands in terminal tackle. Whether you're creating paternoster rigs for bottom fishing or beach fishing rigs, these swivels are perfect for the job. Each pack comes with 10 swivels, ensuring you have enough to meet your fishing needs.

When using these 3 way swivels, it's important to tie the large loop facing down. This allows the swivel to spin freely and prevents any tangling or twisting of your line. With Shogun's reputation for quality and durability, you can trust that these swivels will hold up under the toughest conditions.

Upgrade your terminal tackle collection with the Shogun S446 Black 3 Way Crane Swivels and experience superior performance on your next fishing adventure.

  • Stronger, more superior design than standard 3 way swivels
  • Ideal for dropper lines
  • Eliminates line twist
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