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Storm Koika Metal Lure Jig 100g

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Storm Koika Jig 100g

From the great Storm range, comes the Storm Gomoku Koika Lure, one of many great options available instore and online. Koika is the Japanese word for cuttlefish, a common prey of many predatory fish. Specially designed for slow-pitch style jigging, Koika jigs have a centre-balanced, broad profile that allows the jig to flutter enticingly on the fall. The dense and compact body design of the Koika enables it to easily travel through the depths, allowing you to quickly reach deeper water to where the fish are holding. Give it some slack line on the drop and the Koika will flutter and rock as it falls.

Centre-weighted body design, perfect for slow fall jigging
Fluttering action on the drop triggers reaction bite
Highly-reflective body finish / double-faced design
Pre-rigged with a VMC twin assist hooks