Sufix Advance HPME Mono Fishing Line - 300m

Sufix Advance HPME Mono Fishing Line - 300m
Suffix Advance H-PE Hyper Cololymer Monofilament is the most abrasion resistant, supple and sensitive monofilament. HMPE molecules in the Suffix Hyper advance line blended in with the polyamides are drawn to the line's surface in the Sufix's propietary Magnetic Extrusion Process, creating a durable layer that provides superior, long-lasting protection against abrasion.
  • Unlike other abrasion resistant lines, Sufix Advance is very supple and sensitive, allowing subtle and precision presentations.
  • With only half the stretch of a standard monofilament line, Sufix Advance offers exceptional lure control, ultimate bite detection and firm hook setting pwer.
  • Thanks to the line's inherent qulaities and the Sufix G2 Precision Winding, Sufix Advance is virtually memory free, extremely easy hadling and long casting
  • G2 Precision Winding in all spool sizes.
  • 300m Spools

When it comes to a supple Monofillament with minimal Stretch the Suffix Advance is at the top of its game, with suffix advance you can have no doubts that you will land the fish you are chasing, Suffix advance monofillament with its low stretch si the prefect line for casting hardbodies off the rocks or any type of trolling for inshore and offshore. Not all Monofillament is the same and with Suffix advance mono you have the best


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