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Zerek Cavalla Long Cast 115mm Hard Body - 45g

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Zerek Cavalla Long Cast 115mm Hard Body

The zerek cavalla is a truly innovative lure that allows anglers to cover every layer of the water column whether they're fishing from a boat or from the shore.

super-fast sinking and designed to target predatory fish, the cavalla is perfect for long-distance casting allowing you to reach fish others simply cannot get to.

With an unparalleled ability to hang in the water in rough conditions when targeting surface feeding fish as well as the unheard-of option to target those inaccessible deep fish, the cavalla is truly a unique lure.

with two models in the range, options range from freshwater work for trout through to serious saltwater work for the like of Spanish mackerel and tuna. the larger cavalla is an easy eating 115mm long and weighs 45g, while the smaller cavalla is only 90mm long and weighs 28g, making it ideal for lighter line action - the cavalla really does open up options like no other lure on the market.

Indestructible, innovative, and unique in a world of impersonators, zerek innovations' cavalla delivers where others fail.