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Collecting freshwater shrimp for bait

February 17, 2021 2 min read

Collecting freshwater shrimp for bait by Addict Tackle

In the freshwater, there are few better baits than the humble shrimp. Everything from spangled perch to Murray cod will have a go at a shrimp, and with certain species, such as bass and golden perch, it seems like you can catch as many as the number of shrimp you have! Collecting shrimps is relatively simple, but before you go out trapping shrimps make sure you’re familiar with the bait collecting regulations in your state, as they differ from state to state. Most areas allow the use of at least one bait trap with two funnel entrances. The STM Bait Trap Collapsible 60mm 2 Entry has a built-in bait zip and will catch shrimp easily. In places where lift nets are legal, the Net Factory Yabbie Pyramid Drop Net Steel Frame is more than sufficient for a bit of shrimping.

The key to collecting shrimp is to use good quality fresh bait. Shrimp will eat all sorts of stuff, but favour that which has a high oil content. Meat such as chicken, fish frames, Spam, cat food, as well as oily fruits such as rockmelon will bring in shrimps from afar.

While setting your traps during the day can be successful, the best shrimping is done at night. Checking your traps regularly - every hour or so - will ensure you get the most out of your traps. If you notice the numbers of shrimp starting to taper off, freshen up your baits.

Once you have your shrimps, they can be kept for quite a while in a submersible bait bucket, in a regular bucket with an aerator or in a live well.

With shrimps on board, you can then enjoy one of if not the best freshwater baits there is! Next time you’re camping near a lake or river, pack the shrimp traps! Shrimps are a great option if lures just aren’t working, which is a situation many find themselves in too often!

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