Why use an Alvey?

Why use an Alvey? - Addict Tackle | Online Tackle

The name Alvey is legendary in the Australian tackle scene. Known for their reliability and built-to-last design, they cemented themselves as a mainstay in the Australian anglers’ tackle box over 100 years ago, and have recently done so overseas too! If you don’t have an Alvey in your arsenal, let’s break down what makes these reels so good!

Alvey’s classic reel is the side-cast model (of which there are now many) built around a spindle that has no bearings, and no bearings means no rust! This is the main reason Alvey’s last for so long, and many of these reels are handed down through generations of rough saltwater use!

Most of the Alvey’s sold are for light surf work for species such as whiting, dart, bream and flathead. The Alvey Light Surf Combo 50gz /Rod 2.1m is perfect for this style of fishing. To upscale your surf fishing, the Alvey Surf Champion 65GT is perfect for taking on some of those larger predators like mulloway, tailor, salmon and even mackerel in the surf. Sporting a metal back, this reel is reliable, with absolutely nothing to break or go wrong with it!

If looking to tangle with bruiders on the rocks, such as groper, drummer and snapper, you’ll want to take a look at the Alvey Surf & Rock 65 GD, with it’s ultra tough graphite back to survive being dropped on the rocks! When fishing baits in this turbid environment, nothing beats the direct contact and control of an Alvey!

Moving into more specialised techniques, Alvey have the perfect reel for luderick lovers. The Alvey Blackfish Float Series 47VN2X is a beautiful centrepin design that is wonderfully smooth and accommodates this technique with precision. This reel, which unlike most Alvey’s actually has ball bearings, will last a lifetime if looked after and washed with freshwater after use in saltwater.

More recently, Alvey brought out a spin reel, the Alvey Orbitor, which like its side-casting cousins is extremely hard wearing and won’t break quickly.

Of course, it doesn’t stop at reels, with Alvey also producing many great accessories to make your fishing easier and more enjoyable. The Alvey Bait Bucket, Alvey Worming Pliers, Alvey Glow Ruler, Alvey Wading Bag and Alvey Moulded Rod Bucket Belt are just some of the great products available.

If you don’t own anything from Alvey, make sure you take a look at their range so they can stay in business for another 100 years!

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Max newman
Max newman

August 18, 2021

I have been using alley reels since I was 5 years old and still using them at 62 years old they are still going strong

Gav Locke
Gav Locke

August 18, 2021

I’m an Alvey freak. Do you have an easy way of looking through your catalogue of Alvey products. In particular 6 inch side casts, and their spinning reels range?

Brett Weiler
Brett Weiler

August 18, 2021

Love my Alveys, like the article says the last forever I am using 1 that my Grandfather bought new in 1938.

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