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Without doubt the Australian Barramundi is by far the most iconic fish in this country. Thousands flock to the top half of Australia every year at their shot at glory and that 1 metre fish that has them join a very special club of anglers. It’s one of my favourite fish to chase and for good reason. Not only do they love lures but they put on a great show leaping all over the place.
There truely is something very special about a monster Barra tail walking across a small creek. Your heart is pumping out of your chest at the the thought that finally this girl could be the one over a metre. I have been very lucky over the years to have bumped into a few meteries and each one was very special.
There are so many different ways in which you can catch a Barra including live bait, soft plastics, vibes and a massive assortment of minnow type hard bodied lures. They all work really well and I have mentioned some below.
Most guys when they travel North to chase their first Barra will rely on the gear supplied by the guides they fish with. 90% of the time its pretty good but remember this gear gets hammered by punters everyday so for me I like to take my own gear that I know will perform and is topped up with fresh braid.
Baitcasters are all the go up North when chasing Barra. A good balanced outfit will help you cast your lure right up into a snag which is exactly when the Barra will hang. For the most part they are light so you can cast them all day and once you know how are very accurate.
I strongly suggest you buy your rod and reel combo before you leave for that trip of a lifetime and practice your casting in the back yard so your not wasting too much valuable fishing time in the tree’s. There is no such thing as a Barramonkey ;)
I have literary taken over 100 lures on various trips and still didn't think I had enough variety. As a rule now though I have a range of lures that swim to varying  depths and a solid variety of soft baits. In particular though plastic prawns and soft plastic vibes are working really well for me these days especially when the tide is a bit high and I really need to get deep into a snag.
I also love fishing poppers and walk the dog type lures for Barra. A big Barra Boof on your popper is something you don't tend to forget.
To follow is a solid range of options that we sell that will ensure you are all set up and ready for action.