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Over the years the way we target Bream has changed so much. Tournament anglers have really evolved and their techniques have filtered through to many recreational anglers today.
However, most fisho’s still target Bream with bait and a simple rig. Whether its casting lures around pontoons or using nippers in an estuary I love it all but I do encourage fisho’s to give the lure caper a go even though my biggest Bream at 1.4kg was on a stinky prawn many years ago.
Lure fishing for Bream is a stack of fun and as you are actively hunting the fish by casting new ground and actually seeking them out can be far more effective. The thing I really love about the old Silver Fox is that they can be a real challenge at times to not only eat a lure but in tight structure they can wreck you in seconds. Its amazing how the hours drift away when your on a Bream mission. Your constantly moving and hunting and every piece of structure has the potential for a trophy fish.
My favourite technique is to flick hard bodied lures along pontoons and moored boats. You can actually tune your lure to swim left or right and therefore under the structure by gently bending the tow point on the front of the lure. You then simply cast along the length of the structure and with a steady retrieve watch your lure swim slightly under the edge of the structure right into the bite zone. Bream will often dart out and smash a lure and then dive straight back under the structure to bust you off which with bigger fish is often the case.
If your just starting to use lures a good place to start is fishing deeper water with vibes. By simply lifting and dropping a small vibe along the body while on the drift can be deadly on Bream and you often catch Flathead too.
There are literally dozens of different techniques and strategies to target Bream but for the most part the gear I have recommended below in our store will cover you. I hope it helps you catch a stonker.
Cheers, Bergie