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Murray Cod

The Cod caper has gone gang busters over the past 5 years with big swim-baits the go to lures. I’m yet to crack the metre mark on a Murray Cod but I’ve caught a stack in the nineties in some beautiful country locations around Australia.

One of my favourite techniques is to launch on a dam before light and cast structure with swim baits. It’s amazing how many big Cod are caught just as the sun lifts above the horizon. Its like an alarm clock for feeding time.

In regards to Cod lures there are simply thousands of options out there of which some are a master piece of design and build. Some of the hand carved timber lures have hours of work put into them and sell for up to and over $600. Straight to the man cave for those ones I would think.

To get you started or ready for an upgrade I have listed a few rods and reels plus a solid list of lures that work really well. I fish 30 pound braid with a 30-60 pound leader depending on the structure you are fishing.

For me if I can get a big Murray Cod to eat a surface lure and watch it all unfold in front of me there is not much better in the world of fresh water fishing.

Cheers, Bergie