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I grew up fishing the stones and to this day I still love it with all the challenges it brings. From my early days fishing the Tubes at Jervis Bay for Marlin to the break-walls of Port Kembla chasing Tailor and Kingfish, it really is how I cut my teeth in this game.

Fishing the rocks is such a great option for many fisho’s as it provides food and shelter for many species of fish. One of my favourite fish to target off the rocks, especially break-walls, is Mulloway. Big live baits floated out after a big storm normally does the trick but again there are many ways to target these awesome fish.

For the most part and like most fisho’s I normally adjust my game plan once I get to a location. You can do all the planning you want the night before but if you arrive at your location and a school of Kingfish are feeding on the surface, in casting distance, all your plans to target Mulloway normally go out the window.

For this reason I take two rods with me. One rigged for live baiting or a small hook and bean sinker for Drummer or whatever I’m planning to target and another with a metal slug ready to fire should I notice something feeding nearby. You can only take so much gear with you and it pays to be pretty mobile should you need to keep moving along a rock wall to find the fish.

I could literally list dozens of products worth purchasing for rock fishing but instead, to save any guess work or confusion I have listed a simple variety of products that will get you set up very nicely to meet most situations. Oh and remember rock fishing is crazy dangerous so don’t risk your life for a fish and wear a PDF when required by law.