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13 Fishing Fate V3 Spin Rod

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13 Fishing Fate V3 Fishing Rod

Fate V3 has emerged from its test tube and has just left the lab. To provide grip and feel at ludicrous levels without trying to reinvent the wheel, we incorporated an Evolve Soft Touch custom reel seat and Airfoil Carbon grips. The PVG 36T graphite blank makes the blank even better by lightening its weight and sharpening its sensitivity. In order to make this rod lightweight and gluten-free, we also managed to integrate tangle-free guides with Zirconia inlays. The Snaggle tooth hook keeper is the most significant addition since it turns out that customers want to preserve the baits in between usage.


  • Japanese 36 Ton PVG36T Blank Construction
  • Evolve Snaggle Tooth Hook Keeper
  • Evolve Soft Touch Ported Reel Seat
  • Soft Touch Air Foil Carbon Grip
  • Tangle Free Stainless Steel Guides with Zirconia Inserts
  • CGE2 Blank Construction (Chat-R-Crank)
  • Evolve Snagless Hook Keeper (Chat-R-Crank)
  • High Density Japanese EVA