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Shogun T480 Open Eye O'Shaughnessy Fishing Hooks - 25 Pack

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Shogun T480 O'Shaughnessy Open Eye Ganging Hooks

The Shogun T480 Black O'Shaughnessy Fishing Hooks are a must-have for any avid angler. With this 25 pack, you'll have plenty of hooks to last you through many fishing adventures. These hooks can be ganged together for added strength and versatility, making them perfect for trolling or using on whole fish, strip baits, or slab baits. Whether you're targeting mackerel, wahoo, or even beach fish like tailor or salmon, these hooks are designed to deliver excellent performance and help you reel in your desired catch. Trust the Shogun T480 Black O'Shaughnessy Fishing Hooks to enhance your fishing experience.

  • 25 hooks
  • Chemically sharpened
  • High carbon (80%)
  • Forged
  • Open eye
  • Excellent for ganging to together to catch tailor, spotted mackerel, spanish mackerel, snapper and other species that take large baits.
  • Either gang the hooks directly together or put a swivel between each gang hook for easier rigging.