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Berkley Nitro Bream Pro Jig Head Assorted Pack

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Berkley Nitro Bream Pro Jig Head Assorted Pack

When fishing soft plastics the experienced angler will remind you that the profile and features of the lure tell only half the story. It’s the jig head you use that can make the difference between catching nothing and motoring off to the cleaning tables with a full live well. The jig head is a critical component of your rig. Getting it right can often be a tricky affair, particularly for the novice and not infrequently for the experienced angler as well.

The Berkley Nitro Bream Pro Jig Head Assorted Pack is a sure path to getting you lure perfectly rigged. The Bream Pro is ideal for the inshore waters for the likes of Bream, Bass and Flathead etc.

Manufactured with superior Owner hooks, the Berkley Nitro Jig Heads Assorted Size Packs have been manufactured specifically for Berkley plastics. It’s the perfect match, class meets pedigree, ensuring you have options for matching target and conditions and the top shelf quality for value and assurance that when you strike, you hook-up, when you hook up, you land it.