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Berkley Nitro Saltwater Pro Jig Heads 1/6oz

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Berkley Nitro Saltwater Pro Jig Heads

Great for larger fish especially when you have to muscle them out of cover or structure. The Nitro Saltwater Pro hooks won't let you down. Built to Aussie Specifications to handle the toughest fish that swim! That’s right, we took the strongest jig hook that Owner had, and asked them to build a stronger one. Higher diameter wire! Forged! Chemically sharpened! and coated in a Super tin finish to resist corrosion! No other jig can stand up to punishment like the Nitro Saltwater Pros. Kingies, Jewies, Aberjack, Trevally and Barra, are just some of the species that have lost the battle! Across Australia, anglers are sold on their strength and durability, catching fish after fish, without destroying jigs. Other design features include; the trademark Nitro shape, that allows a more natural drop, imparts more action on the hop, and resists snagging with its stand up design. Incorporating the Nitro quad ribbed keep for far superior bait keeping abilities. The Nitro Saltwater Pro Jigs are the number one jigs for big strong fish!