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BFP Swimbaits Mafia One 240mm 140g Sinking

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The BFP Mafia One 240mm Sinking Stickbait is the weapon of choice for rough weather, it works amazingly on a slow sweeping retrieve and a fast twitch il have the moving more erratically enticing fish to bite, like all BFP Swimbaits the Mafia One are handmade and will outlast any factory made stickbaits. The finish is superb and the action is like no other Swim bait. When you own a BFP Swimbait you are own a lure that has been hand crafted with time and care, and a lure that being handcrafted is unlike any other lure, even within the Mafia One range. Every lure is different, in the way that only a lure hand crafted can be.