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BKK Monster Circle Hooks

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BKK Monster Circle Hooks

The strongest and largest saltwater creatures are the focus of BKK's Monster Circle hooks.

It has BKK's Ultra-antirust coating, which guarantees outstanding seawater corrosion performance right out of the box. The heavy-duty wire and exceptionally sharp needle hook tip of BKK reduce the likelihood that the hook will be torn open.

Its straight hook eye and in-line hook point design also guarantee a jaw corner hook up, making it perfect for C&R. When going after exceptionally large fish, these hooks are just a need.

  • Extra heavy duty inline circle hook 
  • Featuring BKK's antirust coating
  • Designed for the angler targeting monster fish!
  • Tuna - Kingfish - Dogtooth - Samson Fish - GT's etc
  • Inline style - Ideal for livebaiting / trolling / downrigging etc