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Chasebaits Flacid Shad 4.25"

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Chasebaits Flacid Shad 4.25"

The Flacid Shad is unlike anything you have ever seen! Combining a Baitfish profile and our proprietary rolling fin technology, the unique “Diamond-Flex” mid zone allows a progressive swim action, creating a mesmerizing “Ribbon Tail” movement that flutters on the drop or during varying speed retrieves... An ultra unique presentation even the most weary fish cant resist!

The Flacid Shad has additional salt added into the belly for balance and buoyancy. The Chasebaits Flacid Shad features a Diamond-Flex body and proprietary “rolling fin” technology that produces ripples in the water column when retrieved. Fish feel these ripples with their lateral line producing an automatic strike response. This also allows the Flacid Shad to move through the water in a manner unmatched by any bait on the market today. The Chasebaits Flacid Shad design allows the bait to “feel” softer and move naturally. The deep ribs will also hold scent and give off micro vibrations to attract fish while releasing a minute “bubble trail” during the retrieve. Lastly, a belly slit has been added for weedless rigging if conditions require.