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Nitro Elevator Bomb Jig Heads Lumo

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Nitro Elevator Bomb Jig Heads

We love an original idea when it comes to our lures. What’s more, we love it when these ideas translate to more fish and better fish. Nitro Elevator Luminous jig heads are indeed a brilliant idea, and you probably won’t be surprised to hear that it is a Berkley creation. The impetus for this design was driven by a need to get plastics down deep quickly. Of course adding more weight does the trick but adding more weight is always to the detriment to the action of your lure. Mark ‘The Captain’ Phillips had an idea. Let’s separate a jig head from the hook using a ring. The jig head sits just above the grub on the shaft, connected to it via a ring. The lure is free to swim at its best without the encumbrance of a heavy jig head. So simple, so brilliant.

This design is perfect for the reef angler that really need to get down deep. Quite often the extra-large Snapper, Cobia, Kingies and GT monsters hang out at some serious depth. Reaching them can be frustrating as a lightly weighted plastic can take forever to sink to the required depth. Often, it may well be snapped up by something you’re not targeting before it gets to your desired strike zone. The design is perfect as it not only sinks your lure faster but adds to the attractive appearance of you lure. The artificial eye looks brilliant and the luminosity will capture and reflect the limited light environment when we get a little deeper. There is an intelligent selection of hook sizes and weights to choose from when ordering.