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Duo Realis Popper 64 Fishing Lure

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Duo Realis Popper 64mm - 9g

It smoothly reaches its destination and shoots properly. Simply choose your goal and reel in your catch. With the "run-n-gun," pattern fishing is simple.
DUO concentrates on the internals while other businesses place their energy in the externals of the bait. Unfortunate collisions with seawalls and rugged shorelines will happen, as is well known. Poppers can suffer greatly from it, but the 64 was built to handle this difficulty. The Popper 64's interior bulkheads and wall thickness give structural stiffness and endurance.
Due to a narrow, angled rim-deflector, the pop in Realis' topwater bait moves more water while requiring less rod movement. This means that you can stop filing a lip to make it catch more water. The cup's many angles further boost the attraction.