Fin-Nor Offshore Spin Reel

Fight big fish spinning style with the Offshore spinning series from Fin-Nor - big reels with big ambitions.

Powerful gears made of solid stainless steel allow anglers to control the battle in deep water and a heavy duty, bullet proof construction means these reels will go the distance.

The sealed Offshore MegaDrag multi-stacked drag system is made up of 10 premium carbon fibre and stainless-steel washers for ultra-strong, ultra-smooth performance.

Casting lures, bottom bouncing or trolling in the bluewater means you’ll come in contact with the toughest fish in the ocean. Kingfish on lures, trolling up tuna or taking on the powerful GT, the Offshore is designed to handle the rigors of aggressive saltwater species. From the moment of the strike till you finally break the fish, the Offshore will be providing you with the solution.

There are four models in the range starting at the 6500 and moving up to the tough as nails 9500. Designed for tackling pelagic species offshore, any of these reels will also double as rock and beach reels where species such as mulloway, sharks or kingfish are being targeted.

The Fin-Nor Offshore is one of the most rugged reels in the business.

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