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ICatch Hoodlum Lollipop Soft Bait 12 inch

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ICatch Hoodlum Lollipop Soft Bait 31cm

A new soft pre-rigged lure designed by I CATCH Fishing Tackle is targeted at large sea species.
All knots and hooks in the Hoodlum Series Lolly Pops have been tested to withstand more than 75 kg of pressure. Additionally, the joining line between hooks is constructed of 150 lb. dyneema and has an additional heat shrink layer for increased protection.
Both the 12-inch and the 8-inch sizes come pre-rigged with two incredibly strong and sharp hooks. Available hues include lumo, vivid pink, and pearl white.
Hoodlum Lolly Pops can be caught in a variety of techniques, including casting, trolling, and downrigging. Their motion is extremely fast, with the tail darting from left to right while following straight.

Customer Reviews

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matthew harris
Floating soft plastics

Total shit product.
Soft plastics that don't sink. Money wasted. No mention of this in your advertising. Wrong colour received.