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IMS Diving Popper 190mm 80g

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IMS Diving Popper has a slim design and an asymmetrical face cup. It is extremely versatile, short stabs will produce bubbly pop, where as long sweeps will produce loud bubble trail capable of bringing fish up from the great depth.

Also, continuous retrieve with moving tip of the rod up and down will make popper surface and dive back under the water with moderate bubble trail mimicking fleeing pray such as flying fish, needle fish, sardine etc.

One of the benefits of using popper besides versatility is that its easily used by fisherman even with light gear and it doesn’t wear you down. You can pretty much cast all day! Popper holds well in all types of weather.

Because our lures are hand crafted of selected pieces of abachi wood, AISI 316 stainless steel and top grade epoxy resin, no two IMS Handmade lures will be 100% identical.