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Jinkai Leader Line 50m

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Jinkai Leader Line

The Jinkai material is the toughest and finest for diameter non wire trace line yet designed. The line is not nylon but a special co-polymer with a surface skin to reduce wear and tear. The core is soft and pliable. Jinkai is practically transparent in water.

Jinkai is an internationally known brand renowned for its superb monofilament leader and terminal tackle. Jinkai Leader is used in just about any scenario of fishing like chasing bream and whiting on the 4lb premium leader to chasing gamefish on 80-600lb plus leader. It has the reliability and name to hold up to any approach to fishing, whether your fishing structure that’s has harsh environments like timber, cockle beds, oysters or thick weed colonies, you can trust that Jinkai will hold up to your standards.

Jinkai supplies a large selection of sizes to cover what you need. Heavier line classes for bigger predators is the range which covers 20lb to 150lb. In both standard and Jinkai Plus, this leader range covers everything from live baiting for kingfish and tuna to throwing soft plastics for mulloway and snapper. With a high response rate and reliability when hooking up to dream fish, it’s the confidence you need to land those fish.

In this range you can also have the option of crimp your leader from 40lbs and onwards as a suitable preference for some. The 200-600lb range is where the serious reliability is essential. Targeting game fish, it is crucial to have the best of the best, so you don’t leave any weak points between you and the catch. Used massively for tuna and marlin all around the world and the pick of leaders for targeting 1000lb marlin and monster bluefin.