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Major Craft Dangan X8 Braid 150M Multicoulour

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Major Craft Dangan X8 Braid 150M Multicoulour

Majorcraft Dangan Braid’s original yarn is a super strong, polyethylene fibre made by Tobyo, then custom twisted in a Japanese factory to develop a braid with a lower stretch, higher sensitivity.

Majorcraft Dangan braid comes in a range of braid strengths and is as user friendly for beginners as it is heavy duty for professional anglers. The braid has a super smooth, slippery surface coating that reduces friction on guides and the reel, which increases casting distance and enables better line lay. Available in multi-colour type with ten metre increments, which is important for general jigging and offshore work.

In Japanese, Dangan means bullet: this is one fierce angler’s tool.