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Mustad Big Gun Hooks 25 Pack

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Mustad Big Gun Hooks 25 Pack

If you are after a hook that is ideal to use with live baits and strip baits when targeting fish in the estuaries and bays and offshore then the Mustad big gun hook is the one that you need - a big, strong hook for strong and big fish.

Whether you are using live or dead bait, this hook will fit the bill. If you are targeting big fish by suspending live bait underneath a balloon or bobby cork, pin this hook in the middle of the fish's back, just above the lateral line.

Featuring a black nickel finish, forged for extra strength and with an UltraPoint needle sharp point, the Big Gun is ready for any of the heavy action anglers will ask of it.

H10829NPBLN1/0 Box Big Gun 1/0 25
H10829NPBLN2/0 Box Big Gun 2/0 25
H10829NPBLN3/0 Box Big Gun 3/0 25
H10829NPBLN4/0 Box Big Gun 4/0 25
H10829NPBLN5/0 Box Big Gun 5/0 25
H10829NPBLN6/0 Box Big Gun 6/0 25
H10829NPBLN7/0 Box Big Gun 7/0 25
H10829NPBLN8/0 Box Big Gun 8/0 25
H10829NPBLN9/0 Box Big Gun 9/0 25
H10829NPBLN10/0 Box Big Gun 10/0 25
H10829NPBLN11/0 Box Big Gun 11/0 25
H10829NPBLN12/0 Box Big Gun 12/0 25