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Nomad Design D-Trak Fishing Lure 65mm

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Nomad Design D-Trak Fishing Lure 65mm

The renowned Patented Autotune System, which provides fishermen a competitive edge over all other deep cranks, is a feature of the D-TRAK deep diving and long casting crankbait. The D-Trak can dive to astonishing depths thanks to the Autotune System, which also guarantees that every lure tracks straight. You cannot overcrank this bait; D-Trak will respond by burrowing deeper if you crank down hard and quickly.

But the D-Trak provides more than just deep speed. The Autotune System's added body action enables the bait to be handled extremely slowly while still reaching remarkable depths and having great motion. The special D-Trak crankbait provides you choices no matter how you fish, whether you roll it slowly and deeply or power fish it quickly and hard while searching.

  • Depth - 15-18ft
  • Weight - 20g