Nomad Design Dartwing Floating Surface Popper 130mm

Nomad Design Dartwing Floating Surface Popper 130mm - 20 Gram

Designed to mimic a skipping bait fish, the Dartwing’s aerodynamic, rear weighted shape makes it a distance casting weapon. The Dartwing’s unique wing shaped head design creates a very versatile surface presentation that can be retrieved at just about any speed to mimic bait fish and shrimp. On a straight retrieve the wings cause a side to side darting action and body roll that just gets fish excited.​ A fast retrieve and with a twitching rod tip makes and the Dartwing skips across the surface creating maximum surface disturbance and side to side action. The floating version worked slow produces a side to side twitching ‘walk the dog’ action with a subtle spitting effect that creates an action unlike any other surface bait.

Long casting with action at a fast retrieve makes the Dartwing an excellent searching lure when covering ground or chasing fast moving fish. Available in 70mm/2.75”, 130mm/5” ( floating and sinking models), 165mm/6.5” and 220mm/8.75”.

  • HD ABS System, an extra strong white plastic for overall strength and durability
  • Diamond Armour internal mesh system, internal strengthening design for transparent colours
  • Gorilla Through Wire, welded and supported for extra strength
  • Triple Shield Protection, a painting process for long lasting colour
  • Heavy duty BKK hooks and terminals.
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