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Nomad Design Maverick 140mm Floating Stickbait

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Nomad Design Maverick 140mm Floating Stickbait

Unlike any other lure ever made, the Maverick design is truly unique. Inspired by the desire to create a lure that had a subtle splash on the surface and a massive body roll and wiggle at very slow speeds, matched with an underwater bubble trail. Designed to get fussy fish of all species excited, even when they are not really in the mood to feed – the Maverick makes them want to bite!

The unique cupped head of the Maverick design with air chambers running from the cup face through to the underside of the body have been designed to force bubbles along the side of the body, where they hug the sides of the lure creating turbulence, causing a unique rolling swimming action. ​

The Maverick floating models can be worked with a slow twitching action of the rod for an amazing walk the dog retrieve, or for the ultimate action, can be worked with a long slow sweep of the rod to get the crazy underwater swimming action, splash and bubble trail. The trick with the Maverick is a slightly faster rod sweep on the first 1/5 of the sweep. This pulls the head underwater with a big gulp of air and then creates the bubble trail. The rest of the sweep should be smooth and slower and you will feel the Maverick thumping and swimming through the rod tip.

Weight 45 Grams