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Nomad Design SwimTrex 80mm

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Nomad Design SwimTrex 80mm

The first lipless vibration crankbait to swim like a genuine baitfish when sinking is the SWIMTREX (Pat. Pending Body Design). This crankbait does not have a lip like your grandfather's. Freshwater fishing now has access to the patented Autotune System, which transformed trophy saltwater fishing. The use of autotune guarantees that the lure never rolls, always tracks straight, and produces the distinctive swimming movement as it sinks. When directly retrieved, the Swimtrex produces the well-known lipless vibration. But it is only the beginning. When the retrieval is halted, the Swimtrex is made to swim enticingly downward, luring vicious attacks from any predator. If that isn't convincing enough, the 'vibe' up when the retrieve is restarted will persuade any fish who observed it fall. 

The Swimtrex may be cast over shallow places more quickly, but it really excels when cast over ledges that are deeper and are given room to "flutter and swim" as they descend. Much better than a spoon that has been cast over a deep cliff!

The smallest product in the line-up from Nomad Design, the Swimtrex 66, will flawlessly simulate the hatch in the early season or on a fishery with smaller baitfish.

This little dynamo belongs in every lipless crank box since it has the HD ABS System, Triple Shield Protection, and razor-sharp BKK Spear hooks. Every Nomad Design lure has been developed through years of fishing experience to be more durable, endure longer, and catch more fish.