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Oceans Legacy Elementus Deep Spin Jigging Rod

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Oceans Legacy Elementus Spin Jig Rod

Crafted from the finest Japanese 40T Toray Carbon high modulus fibre the Ocean’s Legacy Elementus blanks are custom rolled to empower anglers with perfect pitching ability and superior stopping power. The Elementus series of rods were designed with slow pitching for super deep species and Dogtooth Tuna at the forefront of our minds.

At 6’1” this series of rods offer unparalleled slow pitch jig manipulation while Cross Carbon wrapping offers anglers copious amounts of stopping power, capable of stopping angry Doggies and hauling up giants of the deep. Elementus super deep tuned jigging rods feature nothing but the finest Japanese quality components from Fuji, employing the Fuji DPS reel seat and custom locking nuts designed specifically for Ocean’s Legacy and Fuji double footed KW series guides for added strength.


ELDS-S611H - PE 4+

  • Length: 6'1"
  • Lure Weight: 180/500 Gram Jig
  • Pieces: 1pc

ELDS-S611H+ - PE 5+

  • Length: 6'1"
  • Lure Weight: 300/700 Gram Jig
  • Pieces: 1pc

ELDS-S611H++ - PE 6

  • Length: 6'1"
  • Lure Weight: 400/1000 Gram Jig
  • Pieces: 1pc