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Okuma Barbarian Spin Fishing Rod

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Okuma Barbarian Spin Fishing Rod

Inspired by the Okuma Barbarian baitfeeder reels, Barbarian spin rods are ideal dedicated bait fishing rods for those chasing some of Australia's favourite bread and butter species.

Okuma's patented UFR technology in the tip section of the blank gives these rods the sensitivity and feel of a solid glass tip rod, with the benefit of reduced weight and increased strength, durability and lifting power in the tip, up to three times that of a standard rod blank.

Available in a selection of popular models, with the 702NT nibble tip ideal for whiting, bream, flathead and other light sport fishing targets, while the 702SSL is a favourite for snapper, mulloway, kingfish and other larger predatory species. The range has been expanded to include 8, 9 and 10' nibble tip models that will be ideal from the estuary to the beach when bait fishing for bream, whiting, swallowtail dart and even blackfish. 

Classy looks, beautiful actions and excellent value for money.

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