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Pakula Dojo Shackle Twin Hook Rig Heavy

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Pakula Dojo Shackle Twin Hook Rig Heavy

The Pakula Full 60 Degree Shackle Rig was originally invented by Peter Pakula when trolling lures for Blue Marlin were in its infancy on Australia's East Coast. It was a time when many lures of all types including Pakula prototypes were tried daily. This necessitated a rig that could easily and quickly be transferred between lures and also allowed the lure maximum freedom of action.

As strikes were not common it was imperative that the lures rig also offered the best possible hook-up rates. This rig satisfied all these requirements to a point that there have only been minor changes in the current rigs.

You only need a few sets of hooks that can be used on many lures. It is relatively easy to keep a few sets of hooks razor sharp and clean to use on a full collection of lures.

The Pakula Shackle Rig allows the hooks total freedom to line up with the center of the lure eliminating line twist. The hooks are free to swing allowing the lure to exhibit its best possible action without hindrance or keeling effects. This gives the hooks the best possible chance of hooking up as they are able to work independently of each other.