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Plano 3500 Small Rack Organizer

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Plano 3500 Small Rack Organizer

Plano's Small Rack Organizer includes four dependable StowAway utility boxes that slide into place just like drawers, but can be removed just as easily for individual use. Each utility box comes with adjustable dividers so you can customize the number and size of interior compartments. Up top, the lid holds a spacious storage area for bulkier items that may not fit in one of the smaller boxes. Ideal storage solution for a desk, closet, pantry or kids room.

  • Includes 4 small ProLatch StowAway utility boxes (size 3500) with adjustable dividers
  • Bulk top compartment for additional storage
  • Sturdy carry handle
  • Clear door covers entire system to secure organizers in place
  • Great for office
  • 4x 3500 Stowaways Included
  • Made in the USA
  • Product Code: PMC135402
  • Dimensions (cm): 28L x 18W x 25H
  • Model: 3500