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Rapala Aluma-Pro Fish Gripper 6"

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Rapala Aluma Pro Fish Gripper 6"

No compromise on quality or convenience can be made for such a tool, and when it is named Rapala, we expect even more! Comfort begins with the ergonomic design, which allows seamless use of the clip with one hand and provides a firm grip while keeping another predator caught at a safe distance. The durability and strength of the gripper, as well as its exceptional lightness, are due to the anodized aluminum from which the body and stainless steel of the jaws are made.

You can safely use it for sea fishing, because salt water is not a threat to the materials, and there is no danger of losing it, thanks to the carabiner and the spiral wrist strap. Lightweight, high-quality and stylish, the pinch protects both the fish and protects you from their sharp teeth - any fisherman who has encountered the rage of larger predators knows that this tool is among the mandatory equipment. The comfortable 15 cm Rapala APFG6 gripper is most reliable at loads up to about 20 kg.